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at M-Node

M-Node as a partner of Planetary-Collegium is concerned with advanced inquiry in the transdisciplinary space between the arts,technology, and the sciences, with consciousness research an integral component of its work.

 Take  off  your  legsimg

ExB/R/T - The Inhabited Body Exhibition
From November 1 until December 2, 2007
At 3520, rue St-Jacques (Montréal)
OPENING november 1th, at 17h untile 20h
Press release

Interactive installations whose user interface is a sculptural element carrying surrealist or sensory poetic contents, they imply the participant closely. They are often fantasized extensions of the body misused in order to offer control on an environment materializing a familiar internal universe. During a few moments the user is included as much mentally than physically in the sculpture he actions. This link with its own body destabilizes him in his perception of an art piece. Also the ludic aspect of interaction brings him without him knowing towards archaic contents This research develops according to four axes going from the design of immersives environments (Intra) to the exterior performance (the peddler closet) including the presentation of animated sculptures (SkulpturZirkus) and collaborations with dance (Take off your legs).