To support interaction the creation of an immersive environment as in the game world sets up a personal relation on a familiar model to the users, for disturbing and intimate content.

 O r g a n i s m e
Multi User Installation

:: Organism is physical and playful environment that has an organic texture leading the participant in manipulating a pseudo-life; it plays with the tension between our pleasure manipulating life and the danger that comes from it.

:: Playfulness is a privileged tool of relational discovery that adult consciously reserves to intimacy. We misuse it in this work of art by proposing playfulness and collaboration within a political and artistic content.

:: The sensors hidden within organism's serpentine forest capture the presence of users, their position, and above all their level of activity, is what controls the life of the organism whose image is in the center of the forest. This dilemma is as our implication in the biological world, actions are irrevocable: once awakened the organism survives only if the users stays, if organism is abandoned, or excessively stimulated, then he dies.

:: To reach his goal Organism creates a social situation where the tension between the pleasure of the utilisation of the serpentines and the power of the machine over life constitute the environment where people need to set their actions.

:: Organism was developed in Canadian art centers, the programming was at first developed at Avatar(Québec winter 2003) then, a first version called jeux was presented at Vasistas festival (Montréal feb 2004). 


 I nt r a . 1
sensual interactive Installation

:: Since the peddler closet (2001) I carried out several projects combining interactive sculpture and animated image. This one integrates a 3d engine powered by Kool Engine and a tactile interface.

:: In this project I misuse the 3d in which we lose our spirits during long hours of shooting. I use it in conjunction with sculpture to create a immersive environment that approaches the organic world and through it our most archaic feelings. The sculptures that serve as an interface are fantasized extensions of the body they are presented in the form of soft tactile sculptures, and they make it possible to interact on a new way on the user's environment.

:: Although the ludic and seductive aspect of this piece brings him to a whole different world. Thanks to the tactile sculptural interfaces, he can control a video image inside a 3D environment; Thus Intra is a completely immersive environment treating internal feelings. The image is the support of the daydreams generated by the contact of the sculptures, it supplements by visual the tactile feeling of the sculptures to complete the occupation of interior space.

:: This part approaches the organic world in the same way that the preceding ones treated its external positioning. Intra it was shown at Dare-Dare art centre (Montreal) in Nov. 2002.


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